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currently more of an anime blog cause there aren't any good shows on rn sorry 'sup I'm Ines, 21 and from Germany.
I draw sometimes and I might like Tom Hiddleston a little bit too much ||
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Let’s be honest everyone would rather watch a Black Widow movie than antman

: #The only thing I’m excited about in the Ant Man movie is Cassie #you know what would make Cassie being in the Ant Man movie better? #Her best friend Kate being in the movie #of course #If Kate’s in the movie then Cassie’s other friends should be in the movie too #what I’m saying is I want a Young Avengers movie instead of the Ant Man movie


Official Fanbook images are uploaded to the main site! Including the original art pinups inside! :D GO have a look!


*joining the briefcase fandom*


i’m so glad someone gave daichi something for valentine’s day


GEKKAN SHOJO NOZAKI-KUN | Last Issue | {Ep 12}