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I draw sometimes and I might like Tom Hiddleston a little bit too much ||
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I finally saw guardians of the galaxy

Glee Season 6 Spoilers – “Loser Like Me” Details!


In conjunction with yesterday’s Glee 6x01 title reveal and song spoilers, I give you episode details.

My inbox has been stuffed with questions, and I tried to answer all of them.

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Enjoy! Or maybe not.


… sorry, this is all I imagine Haru’s life to be right now.

Title: Gratefully

Artist: Rin Matsuoka (CV. Mamoru Miyano)

Played: 7292 times


I’ve finally finished it!;_; I guess I just needed an excuse to draw a bunch of shirtless teenagers.


you’ll never guess what I ship the most in gekkan shoujo nozaki-kun…