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sorry bad quali pic

i made me a cord jackman and brock baker papercraft cause they’re my fav warbler 

after i finished them i realized that cord kinda looks likes aaron/logan? lol so you could also say its him ahhaha

(also i edited his eyebrows and put it a little down on the templates after i finished it)

the templates i used are from

who did all those other awesome warbler papercrafts

i just changed the face’s and the hair a little

so yeah all the credit goes to her! (thank you so much for letting me use your templates ;w;)

cord /(or aaron lol)template

brock baker

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    This is perfect, in our FB RP, Cord’s character is dating Brock’s character!
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    Personally I think the hardest part is making them all distinguishable through just the hair and face, seeing as there’s...
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    aaaw thank you ;;;; kudos to you for making all of those i mean i’d never thought it’d be so exhausting (and i barely...
  7. bigbadsourwolf said: AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA……. XDDD
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    YAY! (And also Nelson, if you can figure out the hair)
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    blaaargle flargle I’m making my 6th Warbler right now WHY SO MANY I’M GONNA DROWN IN PAPER WARBLERS OH GOD no regrets.
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    I have to finish making mine xD I have half of one made… the other 4 aren’t even cut out… xD