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currently more of an anime blog cause there aren't any good shows on rn sorry 'sup I'm Ines, 21 and from Germany.
I draw sometimes and I might like Tom Hiddleston a little bit too much ||
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Everybody loves Zuko

Sketch therapy!! Dx I realised how much I miss(drawing) the Gaang.

Omg, these are wonderful! °//O//°


All credit for close-ups go to pokemonmasterkimba!! She posted these in asks and I was slightly desperate for them on my blog, so I hope this is okay xD


My friend’s friend made a gift of me and JCKage’s (’s reenactment of the “water tribe” scene from Avatar the Last Airbender. It was fun!


Commish2: Gossymer by *Erina

Oh man, the Toko friendship is friggin’ adorable.