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Seeing Korra at her true ‘lowest point’ commentary


It was really disturbing and sent chills up my spine. It’s clear Korra is severely depressed and in a very dark place. To get out of that is going to be so difficult for her, and I’m looking forward to seeing that. She probably feels so pathetic being forced into a wheelchair like this, seeing everyone else happy, their lives carrying on while she has to worry about what happens next.

Think: her whole life she was this confident girl that thought she could get through anything. Now she’s been through 3 horrible experiences, and she feels like she’s not good enough. She has lost her bending, her connection to her past lives, and almost her life, as well as her confidence. Getting through this dark time is going to be a struggle, but she will make it through, she will prevail, and she will be stronger because of it. Because that’s what makes Korra, Korra. And she never ceases to amaze us. 

yeah holy shit gotta say I got a bit teary when I saw Jinora at the end

this is a kids show what the fuck!!!!!!!

yeah alright alright Bolin being a lava bender makes so much sense I love it